what we stand for

We stand for cooperation & action at all levels.


We advocate for targeted interventions to address the impact of psoriasis at ALL levels – individual, community, governmental and societal.

Individual: Empower individuals to learn about psoriasis and motivate behavioral change in their communities.

Community: Promote initiatives that take an integrated approach to psoriasis and frame the disease as a critical element of national, regional, and global NCD policy plans.

Societal: Promote the establishment of partnerships that deliver greater patient benefits and patient support, including the improvement of:

  • Cross-sectoral communication channels,

  • Public-private research networks, and

  • Services which can holistically address the major physical, functional, and psychosocial disabilities related to psoriasis and its comorbid NCDs.

Governmental: Support the World Health Organization’s work on psoriasis and promote needed policy intervention, including:

  • Adoption of patient-centered national psoriasis plans integrated into wider NCD prevention and control strategies;

  • Efficient allocation of resources to empower health systems for early screening of psoriasis and its comorbid diseases;

  • Identification of existing best-case examples of how the management of psoriasis has been successfully integrated in healthcare services for non-communicable diseases;

  • Increased involvement in global awareness initiatives as a means to reducing stigma and discrimination and fostering behavioral change.